• Destination: Nhamundá
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Availability: From mid-September to mid-February.

A Small town in the State of Amazon between Santarém and Manaus, Nhamundá,
which origin comes from the word Jamundá.
With around 25.000 inhabitants, this small island has a singular beauty , and is extremely rich
in fruits, flora and fauna.
There we can find a great variety of ornamental fishes, as well as fish for consumption, which during the dive can be observed. Our local fishermen provide us an unique trip to Alto Nhamunda, a practically desert area far from any kind of civilization. Day and overnight in Nhamunda River dives will take place.
These dives are totally safe, along with our locals who are also members of our Staff. This 9-days trip provide all tourists the opportunity to visit the small towns of Obidos, Terra Santa and Oriximina, surrounded by Trombetas River. During the trip tourist visit communities where a very few persons in the World ever visited, having the opportunity to be in contact with the locals, visiting their houses and sharing an unique experience, near these river communities which work exclusively for our company.

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Day 1

Transfer from Airport “Maestro Wilson Fonseca” in Santarem to Alter do Chão.
Check in at Hotel.
Tour briefing.
Dinner aboard.
Walk through the Amazon Beach – The Caribe Amazon Alter do Chão.
Back to Hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel.
Check out in Hotel and transfer to our boat.
Start of the River Boat Trip – Tapajós towards Alter do Chão.
Lunch Aboard  (typical food of the Amazon meal).
Arrival at the Igarepe do  ” Macaco ” Alter do Chão (diving and fishing in wild fish researches).
Departure from Alter do Chão to Ponta do Cururu beach to watch the sunset.
Dinner in the beach – Ponta do Cururu (Brazilian barbecue).
Departure to Obidos (travel all night).

Day 3

Breakfast aboard.
Meantime, will have the opportunity to know a bit of the local communities along the river.
Arrival at the town of Obidos. Tour in town.
Lunch Aboard (typical food of the Amazon meat).
Arrival to Oriximiná . Tour in town.
Lago Salomão – secret place for the best Wild Discus.
Dinner at Boat ( typical food of fish Amazon – Arapaima “Pirarucu” ).
Departure from Oriximiná all night travel by boat to Nhamundá Island.

Day 4

Arrive to the River Nhamundá, direction Nhamundá Island.
Breakfast aboard.
Diving and fishing in wild fish researches with our fisherman.
Lunch Aboard  (typical Amazon food).
Visit the Nhamundá Island.
Dinner aboard (typical food of fish Amazon).

Day 5

Breakfast aboard.
Diving and fishing in wild fish researches with our fisherman.
Lunch aboard (typical Amazon food).
River walks around the Nhamundá Island.
Starting in a smaller boat into the Low Nhamundá.
Dinner (grilled fish) on a beach in the middle of the jungle on the way to Low Nhamundá.
Night adventure into the Low Nhamundá, fishing for Blue Discus Henckel, apistograms, L’s fish and others Wild fish.
Arrival at our boat for rest and sleep.

Day 6

Breakfast aboard.
Free day to shopping in  Nhamundá Island.
Lunch Aboard (typical Amazon food).
Party Time – Open bar offering drinks.
Dinner at Boat (typical food of the Amazon meal).
Party Night in Nhamundá Island.
Departure of Nhamundá Island.

Day 7

Breakfast Aboard.
Near Oriximiná stop to visit a new place for the collection of fish in a different community. Possibility of diving and fishing.
Return to Santarém.
Dinner Aboard (typical Amazon food).
View the photos and videos of the Expedition.

Day 8

Arrival to Santarém City.
Breakfast Aboard ( early morning ).
Visit guide to the local Market ” mercadão “.
Free day to shopping handicraft and visit Santarém.
Check in the Hotel in Santarém City.
Dinner in the Hotel.

Day 9

Breakfast in the Hotel and check out.
Visit our company Santarém Discus Ltd. (Choose fish possible – handle export documentation)
Transfer to airport in Santarém.