Lago Grande

  • Destination: Piracuara
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Availability: From mid-September to mid-February.

Is a new destination organized by Santarem Expeditions which provide all tourists unique moments in the truth Amazon jungle. Curuai is the key point of this trip of over 12h on a boat.
The starting point is Alter do Chão, passing by Inanu. Lago Grande is probably the most beautiful and still desert region, without civilization.
During these 6-days of different dives in different lakes and canals. This is an experience you will never forget if you decide to visit this wonderful place, exclusive from our company.
The locals of this region who are part of our staff, accompany you in several walks, where you can observe the Psittacidae families, the green parrots, parakeets, and lots of parrots macaws and toucans, apart from all different specimens of Guariba monkeys, Prego monkey etc. Also you can find in the trees fruits such as açai, mango, muruci, abacaba, acerola, Jambu, cashew, etc.
These boat trips in this region will be retained in the memory of those who will experience this amazing expeditions.

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Day 1

Transfer from Airport “Maestro Wilson Fonseca” in Santarem to Alter do Chão.
Check in at Hotel.
Tour briefing.
Dinner in our boat.
Walk through the Amazon Beach – The Caribe Amazon Alter do Chão. Back to Hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel.
Check out in Hotel and transfer to our boat.
Start of the River Boat Trip – Tapajós towards Alter do Chão.
Lunch on the Boat (typical food of the Amazon meal).
Arrival at the Igarepe do  ” Macaco ” Alter do Chão (diving and fishing in wild fish researches).
Departure of  Alter do Chão to Ponta do Cururu beach to watch the sunset.
Dinner in the beach – Ponta do Cururu ( Brasilian barbecue ).
Departure to Nhamunda ( travel all night ).

Day 3

Breakfast at the boat.
Meantime, will have the opportunity too know a biat of the local communities along the river.
Lunch on the Boat (typical food of the Amazon meat).
Arrival at the town of Curuai. Tour in town. 

Dinner at Boat ( typical food of fish Amazon – Arapaima “Pirarucu” )


Day 4

Breakfast at the Boat.
Departure of Curuai in direction Piracuara.
Diving and fishing in wild fish researches with our fisherman.
Lunch on the Boat (typical food of the Amazon meal).
Walking in the communitie and discover the secrets of this locals with direct contact.
Dinner at Boat (typical food of fish Amazon).
Night Dive inwild fish researches with our fisherman.

Day 5

Breakfast on the Boat
Tour inside the forest and take pictures of the amazing wild
life of Amazon.
Lunch on the communitie (typical food of the Amazon meal)
Diving and fishing in wild fish researches with our fisherman
Dinner at Boat (typical food of fish Amazon)
View the photos and videos of the Expedition
Departure to Santarém during the night

Day 6

Arrival to Santarém City
Breakfast on the Boat ( early morning )
Visit guide to the local Market ” mercadão ”
Free day to shopping handicraft and visit Santarém
Visit our company Santarém Discus Ltd. (Choose fish possible – handle export documentation).
Transfer to airport in Santarém.