About us

Santarém Discus, offers you a wide range of expeditions that will, for sure, match your expectations and interests.

Obviously, watch and enjoy beauty and biological diversity, are our priority goals. If you are looking for beauty, adventure, wildlife experience and share this outstanding moment in a great company, with a very friendly and active team, we will ensure that all requests will be fulfilled.

Not only will you enjoy one of the greatest river and wildlife experience, as you will have the chance to get to know Santarém: an important regional market center, in Lower Amazonia, located midway between the larger cities of Belém and Manaus, bordered by the Amazon and the Tapajós rivers. Both, run along many kilometers in the front of the city, side by side, without mixing. The Amazon’s milky colored water carries sediment from the Andes in the East, while the Tapajós’s water is somewhat warmer and has a deep-blue tone. Santarém in Pará is poetically known as “Pearl of the Tapajos”.

Why Travel With Us

We provide our clients with challenging experiences in the Amazon.

Our story began in 2008. Santarém Discus Ltd. is the only company who as licence to export ornamental fishes from Santarém, in the State of Pára, in Brazil too all world.

We have established lasting business relationships with our clients, both domestically (Belém and Manaus) as well as internationally (Germany, Portugal, Swisse , Malaysia, Peru, …).

Since 2008 we have direct contact with local fishermen and know very well all places of catching fish. And this led us to initiate a new stage.

Santarém Discus Trips, offers travel exclusives from Santarém in Pará, poetically known as “Pearl of the Tapajos”.


In our imagination, the Amazon is usually associated with the State of Amazons and its capital Manaus. However, the State of Pará is the second largest Brazilian state in area, representing 26ºC of the Brazilian Amazon, and 49% of its natural attractions.

Pará houses a part of the world’s largest river basin “The Amazon River Basin”, and this is where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean.

The Amazon has also Pará freshwater beaches and sea beaches, areas of virgin forest, mountains, lakes and most of the Amazonian rivers.

Their culture, formed by a real mix of inherited Indians, European immigrants, Africans, Asian. Culture of Pará is undoubtedly the wealth of this region, and reserves to its visitors a fantastic experience full of aromas, flavours and colours. This is a great reason to visit the region and live a rich experience full of discoveries Amazon.

Payments / Booking

60% advanced deposit should be made simultaneously with the booking and the other 40% one month before the expedition. Payment should be made by bank transfer. Expeditions will take place between September and February and bookings should be made till the end of June.

Payments may also be made by direct electronic transfer from your bank to the Banco do Brazil our account. Your bank will use either the foreign wire code (Swift code) or the ABA code. Contact us for details if you wish to make a bank transfer.

How To Arrive

By Water: With vessels of medium and large, across the Rio Amazonas, lasting approximately 60 hours.

By Land: The access can be made from Bethlehem, through the Federal HighwayBR-316, State PA-140 PA-151 PA-256 PA-150 PA-263, BR-422, BR-230 (Trans),BR-163 (Santarém – Cuiabá). The route can be done in 3 days (in summer) or 8 days in winter.

By Air: daily, direct flight, which lasted approximately 01 hours in aircraft like the Boeing 737, via the International Airport of Belém or Brasilia aircraft in flight with a stopover.

Airport Santarém – Maestro Wilson Fonseca / 
Airlines: META, TAM, TRIP, GOL
. Distance from Downtown: 15 km.

Bus terminal in Santarém – Cuiabá, s / n, Hope
Phone: (93) 3523-4940 
Transport route: BR-163 Highway and Trans

Port of Santarém – Pará Dock Company
Avenue Cuiabá, s / n, Vera Paz
Phone: (93) 3067-5500 / 3067-5502
Fax: (93) 3067-5509
 Liner: Macapa, Belem, Manaus.

Travel Experts

Vitor Quaresma

Miguel Velhinho


Important Information

Air Services
Santarém offers a airport linking Belém or Manaus served by several Brazilian companies: TAM, GOL, TOTAL…
Valid passport for those who belong to the European Union.
The Real.
The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese.
You may have internet or not, will depend largely on the area where we are.
In the region of Santarém the average temperature is 26ºC. A pleasant breeze blows during the day. A night on the boat can be fresh. From July to January it rarely rains, is the season when the white sandy beaches are revealed from February to June, it rains more often, especially at night.
Is advised to get vaccinated against yellow fever, which are valid for 10 years. There is little malaria in this Amazon region. We recommend follow your doctor’s recommendations.